Actor Nine Nine and Sandi Cho made a wedding celebration

The ceremony of signing wedding paper was held at the house of Director Mg Mg Oo on 9 AM Junauary 9 .Before the ceremony , newly married couple give morning  alms to the venerable monk, U Sandardika.

[Source: Popular]


A girl friend who makes Phyo Ngwe Soe happy!

It is great having a girl friend beside me but not in a hurry to be married, said "Actor PhyoNgwe Soe".

[Source: Popular]


Nawarat who will become a Star with style

Make-up and hair style should not be unchangeable for a film actress; in 2008 I will wear a straight down and simple hair style. For my fans I am making choices to act as a good and meaningful character.

[Source: Violet]


Myo Sandi Kyaw who is not a sensational at Love

An artist can be called a popular when the country area accepted him or her. Even new vocalists have to go to Pyinmana area to promote their status.

[Source: Violet]


Lumin and Khin Sabae Oo, still hopeful to get their own baby

I have lost my expecting baby at the time of 9th week pregnancy. I will not give up my hope and I will try again. [Source: Violet]
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